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High Purity Commercial Water Systems  

Compact RO/DI Systems

2017 Special Pricing on all Compact Wall Mount TSM RO/DI Water Purification Systems: Suitable for Commercial Business, Aquariums, manufacturing and more! Does your water treatment application require your water to be treated though a reverse osmosis system and post deionization system? If so, we offer special Light Commercial Capacity RO DI packages from 400gpd to 1500gpd - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS Note: This package is designed for water applications that require RO/DI deionization only.  For pricing and information on this limited time offer email us:  Attn: TSM-RO-DI 


EDI Electrodeionization Industrial + Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Systems  

Electro-Deionization or EDI, is a continuous and chemical-free process of removing ionized and ionizable species from the feed water using DC power. EDI is typically used to polish RO permeate and to replace conventional mixed bed ion exchange by eliminating the need to store and handle hazardous chemicals used for DI resin regeneration and associated waste neutralization requirements. EDI optimizes performance and maintains continuous product quality and can produce 18+ M-cm high-purity water rejection. EDI is the first truly cost effective alternative to post-RO deionization applications.  

Industries and EDI Water Treatment Applications: Semiconductor, Power generation , Industrial boiler feed makeup, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Chemical manufacturing, Laboratories, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics and more.

RO / EDI Ultra Pure Water Systems are available in 2000gpd, 6000gpd, 10,000gpd, and 12,000 RO configurations - Contact us today for current combination RO / EDI pricing.

Combination Reverse Osmosis / EDI Ultra Pure Water Systems

High Purity RO System Electro-Deionization

We offer compact, commercial grade electro-deionization (EDI) systems which will provide 18 megohm ultra pure water in models up to 7.5 GPM.  The majority of commercial/industrial 18 megohm ultra pure water is currently produced through ion exchange resin tank installations.  Up to a certain water volume quantity the DI resin method is economical.  When customer use requires ultra pure water at 2 GPM continuous flow rate or higher then the membrane/EDI becomes the optimal choice.  Potential users for the membrane/EDI approach include medical device, dialysis membrane, semiconductor, and other manufacturing operations using high quantities of ultra pure water.  The Demandpure systems are available in compound configuration (R.O. membrane system paired with an EDI system)  RO / EDI Ultra Pure Systems are available in 2000gpd, 6000gpd, 10,000gpd, and 12,000 RO configurations - Contact us today for current combination RO / EDI pricing

Typical RO / EDI Applications

RO / EDI is useful for any application that requires constant and economic removal of water impurities without using dangerous chemical. Some examples are:

  • Food and beverages industry
  • Chemical production
  • Biotechnology
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetic
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Boiler Feed Water

Since installation EDI units perform quite reliably, providing the customers with high purity production water for either power plant boiler feed or microchip rinse water. The water produced has met or exceeded customer high-purity water specifications.

Advantages Of Post EDI Treatment

As a substitute for the more traditional DI-Exchange resin process, EDI brings advances in both energy and operating expenses to the high purity water treatment train. By eliminating the periodic regeneration requirement of DI exchange resin, environmental benefits are also realized by avoiding the handling and processing of acid and caustic chemicals brought to the site.

Some of the advantages of the EDI as opposed to the conventional systems of ionic interchange are:

  • In combination with reverse osmosis pre-treatment, it removes more than 99.9% of ions from the water
  • Simple and continuous operation
  • Chemicals for regeneration completely eliminated
  • Cost effective operation and maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Non pollution, safety and reliability
  • It requires very few automatic valves or complex control sequences that need supervision by an operator
  • It requires little space
  • It produces high pure water in a constant flow
  • It provides complete removal of dissolved inorganic particles

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Customer Assurance - RainDance Water Systems has become a stable and reliable name in the water treatment industry. We take great measures to assure our customers the best quality, dependability, service, and reliability. Why RainDance Water Systems? We offer the following:

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Our customers include numerous residential households on well and city water sources, commercial applications, business facilities and farms throughout the United States, Venezuela, Spain, Africa, Canada, Japan, U.K., Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Kabul, Afghanistan, and Malaysia.

A small sample of our commercial water systems customer database includes: Happy Cow Creamery, Safeway Ice Cream, Global Food Technologies, Harvest Food Group, Earthbound Farms, Affinity Flavors, Old Country Vineyards, Fairbanks Farms, Golden Eagle Thoroughbred Horse Farm, Buckridge Plantation and Horse Stables, San Diego State University, Arizona State University, Palomar College, Cornell University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Days Inn Arizona, Aquafauna Bio-Marine Inc., Alaska Clean Seas, Aquatic Exhibits International, Washington St. National Park Service, Miasole, Trico Products Corporation, Snake River Power Plant, South Placer Municipal Utility District, Berkley Surgical Corporation, Abengoa Energy of NE, Advanced Marine PTE., Quinlan Texas Elementary School, Hunter Industries, Sonance Corp., Sunex International, Owens Brigam Medical, 1st Choice GMAC Realty, Century 21 Realty, Coldwell Banker Realty, Austin Productions, Fairfield Country Club, Auer Precision Inc., Deer Park Monastery, Oral Bio Tech, Tesla Industries, Ferguson Enterprises, The U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Anadarko, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Federation, The United States Coast Guard, Federal Aviation Administration, U,S. Postal Service, Lockheed Martin, Gaffney-Kroese Supply Corp, Just to name a few.

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 Commercial Water Filter Selection Guide:

The EDI process produces industrial process water of very high purity, using less than 95% of the chemical products used in the conventional DI exchange resin processes