RainDance Water Systems Monthly Specials


Find our latest monthly offers and specials provided throughout our website in one convenient location! From discounts to giveaways and free gifts to limited time custom filters, you'll find something to push you over the edge and plunge into clean water.

What New Specials Does RainDance Have To Offer?

salt free water softeners

NEW Alkaline Drinking Water
Save money on specialty bottled water and have great tasting, healthful drinking water right in your home with the revolutionary low waste RainDance True Alkaline series!

         High Recovery RO Systems
Stop sacrificing water to have better tasting drinking water with state-of-the-art low waste drinking water RO systems from RainDance Water Systems!

  NEW Hybrid Iron Max
Same Great Filtration Capacities as the Iron Max with Added pH Boost For Maximum Chemical-Free Iron Filtration and Neutral, Non-Corrosive Water!

          Iron Max-FX Series
3 New Sizes! Standard Size, High Flow, and Twin Alternating Iron Max-FX Systems Provide Hard Water Conditioning on top of Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide Odor, and Sediment Removal

Whole House RO Packages
Our Exclusive Store Packages Can Now Be Purchased Directly on Our Website! 4 Compact Whole House RO Systems Provide Purified Water at Every Tap in Your Home!

         Reverse Osmosis Catalog
Find Everything Reverse Osmosis From Products to Specifications of Every Specialized RainDance Reverse Osmosis System in One Convenient Location!