TSM-400 Whole House Reverse Osmosis Purification Package

Our compact 1-2 people complete reverse osmosis system & whole house equipment set-up.

Our TSM-RO 400gpd Packages are highly desired for brackish salty well water or city treated water to reduce the levels of total dissolved solids and suspended matter. The principal uses of our whole house reverse osmosis systems are for the treatment of impurities such as chromium-6, nitrate, sulfate, sodium, chlorides, arsenic, copper, lead, fluoride, aluminum, metals, and total dissolved solids up to 2500ppm.

Compare our Compact Whole House RO Package to any similar whole house purification package on the market today! You'll find that no system can stand up to our TSM-400 Whole House RO Package, and on top of our superior purification package our customer service and technical support is unmatched. Find out what makes this package unbeatable below.

Sizing your Whole House RO System: Keep in mind that an RO system produces a certain amount of purified water within a 24 hour period, so it's important not to undersize the system. You should size your whole house RO by cutting it's rated gallon per day capacity in half for household production. For example, our TSM-400 Whole House RO system can produce 400 gallons within 24 hours, or approximately 200 gallons every 12 hours, so this system should be considered when no more than 200 gallons is used in home per day.

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Iron Max Iron Filter

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TSM-400 Whole House RO Package
Price: $4,583.00

Model # TSM-400 Whole House RO Package
System Function Whole House Water Purification System & Equipment Package
Capacity 400 Gallons Per Day
High Recovery Up To 50% (1:1 Ratio)
Power 110V 60Hz
Maximum Removal Capacities 2,500ppm TDS
< 0.3ppm Iron
< 0.05ppm Manganese
< 5gpg (85ppm) Hardness
Applications Engineered for City-Treated Water, Well Water, River Water, Brackish Water Sources
Prefilters Attached Sediment & Carbon Filters
Post Filter Separate Remineralizer Filter
(Corrosion Prevention)
RO Storage Tank w/ Float Yes, Included
Storage Tank Delivery Pump Yes, Included
RainDance Exclusives TDS Water Quality Monitor
Water Leak Alarm
At-Home Drinking Water Test Kit
*6 Year Replacement Prefilter Package
Pre-loaded Flash Drive w/ Instructions, Diagrams, Manuals
Customer & Tech Support Via Phone: 9am-5pm PST Mon-Fri
Via Live Chat: 5am-10pm PST 7 Days
Via Email: 24/7 365 Days a Year

TSM-400 Whole House RO Package Includes:
  • RainDance TSM-400 Reverse Osmosis System:
  • Showroom Quality Polished Stainless Steel Frame & Membrane Housing
  • NSF Certified 58 Low Energy Semipermeable Membrane
  • Recirculation Valve for Higher Recovery
  • RO Membrane Fast-Flush (momentary high flow cleaning of accumulated particles on membrane)
  • Pre-installed Float Switch for Atmospheric Tank
  • Dimensions: 28"W x 8"D x 12"H - Total Height with attached prefilters: 25"H

Sediment & Carbon Pretreatment System - Model # TFA-500-8 Stainless Steel Dual 2.5"x 10" Sediment and Carbon TSM Shelf Prefiltration System W/ Shutoff Valve. Provides RO protection from sediment, dirt, debris, chlorine, chlorination by-products, organic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, radon, benzene, and much more. Sediment Filter NSF Certified 51 / Carbon Filter NSF Certified 42  -  Pretreatment Equipment Dimensions: 14”W x 8”D x 12.5”H

  Remineralizing & pH Neutralizing System - This system is designed to keep your RO water non-corrosive and protect any copper plumbing. This calcite/corosex system adds back calcium and magnesium minerals to enhance the water taste for people who prefer drinking mineral water, while also effectively neutralizing acidity and raise the pH of the water. (1) 4.5” x 20” Big Blue Replaceable pH Cartridge mounted separately. Includes housing, bracket, wrench. pH cartridge NSF Certified 42 & 61
300gal Atmospheric RO Storage Tank - 300 Gallon Capacity (Made to fit through standard doorways), FDA/USDA Approved. Tank includes float and fittings for easy installation.​ Tank Location: If the tank is at the same level as the system (not upstairs or way up a hill) 50' away is a practical limit. Upgrading to 3/4" PVC instead of 1/2" tubing or pipe could extend it up to 100' away if needed. Dimensions: 35"D x 81"H *Appearances will vary.
  10gpm Delivery Pump - Draws water from storage tank and delivers to end usage. Dimensions: 23"L x 13"H; Power is 110v, 1-phase. Motor is 1 hp. Output is 10 gpm at 48psi. Pump has integral switch for 40/60 psi output control, check valve and integral low feed water protection shutdown. UL-listed & CSA Approved
  • RainDance Water Systems Exclusive Offers:
  • TDS Tester - Monitor your water before and after the Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water System. This portable waterproof tester offers high accuracy total dissolved solids (TDS) measurements in a single tester!
  • Water Leak Alarm - Alarm can be floor or wall mounted. Includes 6ft of wire attached to the sensor and up to 100 feet of additional wire can be spliced into the line. Perfect for monitoring from your office or work area
  • Free Whole House RO Prefilter Package: TSM RO Special will also include a *6 year chlorine/voc & sediment/dirt replacement filter package at no charge. Replacement Package Includes: 12 replacement premium carbon prefilters and 12 sediment replacement prefilters. *6 year supply of filters when replaced every 6 months. Note: Some applications may require a more frequent replacement.
  • NEW! Free Drinking Water Test Kit: On-The-Spot Drinking Water Analysis Kit Included - Easy to Use - Immediate Results - EPA Standards Test for water quality issues including Lead, Pesticides, Total Coliform Bacteria, Nitrates/Nitrites, Hardness, pH, Copper and more. *Offer valid while supplies last
  • RainDance provides free lifelong water testing to maintain optimum performance for years to come!
  • We're here when you need us! Unmatched customer and tech support with multiple channels of communication at all hours of the day and night - 365 days a year!

Installation Made Easy! The most intimidating part about considering a whole house RO system is installing and servicing the system. RainDance takes the stress away with our convenient pre-loaded flash drive including detailed installation instructions, pictured diagrams, and owner manuals for the handy do-it-yourselfer. If you're comfortable with your plumbing know-how these systems are a great DIY project and RainDance will be there to help every step of the way to ensure long-lasting optimum performance.

SIMPLE OPERATION: Quick Guide On How Our Whole House RO Works: pressurized water from your city treated or well water source enters the attached dual prefilter cartridge system. Then this pre-filtered water enters the TSM RO water purification system. This RO water then enters the pH neutralizer / remineralizer then begins to fill the near-by storage tank. The RO water will continue to fill the storage tank until the included tank float switch closes and shuts the entire system off.  When there is a demand for water the re-pressure delivery pump is activated and draws RO water from the storage tank to your taps. If enough water is used to the point where the float switch is reopened, the RO system is automatically reactivated and begins to replace the RO water in the tank that has been depleted.

*Capacity production rate is based on input water temperature of 25 C (77 F). If your water is colder production will be lower.

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