RainDance High Capacity Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems


Our TV-RO whole house reverse osmosis systems are designed for the customer who wants a state of the art, user friendly, low maintenance purification system to provide great tasting drinking water for their family and clean healthy water at every tap in their home. Our TV-RO systems are the same systems we provide to water bottle & beverage production facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and commercial businesses requiring premium water quality. The principal uses of our whole house reverse osmosis systems are for the treatment of impurities such as chromium-6, nitrate, sulfate, sodium, chlorides, arsenic, copper, lead, fluoride, aluminum, metals, and total dissolved solids up to 5,000ppm. Customized TV-RO systems can treat up to 15,000ppm TDS!

Whole House Reverse Osmosis System Analytical Services:

Water Analysis - The only way to ensure that a water treatment or reverse osmosis system will be both optimally effective and efficient is to plan & design each system on the application and on a complete breakdown of the raw water to be treated. RainDance Water Systems will thoroughly analyze your current water analysis report before making a recommendation. Once that recommendation is made, you can have complete faith that your RO system will work at its peak potential over a long period of time. You can choose to buy a whole house reverse osmosis system "off the rack" and take your chances or you can let us tailor make a system based upon your specific needs. This is what sets RainDance Water Systems residential & commercial reverse osmosis systems apart from all the rest.

Compare our Compact Whole House TV-RO Systems to any similar whole house purification system on the market today! You'll find that no system can stand up to our TV-RO units, and on top of our superior purification systems our customer service and technical support is unmatched. Find out what makes this package unbeatable below.

Free water testEach RainDance Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Package Is Built Based On Your Individual Water Chemistry - Email Your Water Report To: Support@RainDanceWaterSystems.com Attn: WH-RO Recommendation - Our Engineers Can Provide An Estimated Post Water Quality Report As Well As Waste Water Ratio Information    

TV-2000 Brackish RO Package
Capacity: Up to 2,000 GPD
Max TDS: 5,000ppm
High Recovery: 50-70%
Complete Brackish Water Treatment
Treats High Sulfates, Hard Water, Sodium Chloride

*Exclusive RainDance H2O Store Product!
TV-4000 Brackish RO Package
 Up to 4,000 GPD
Max TDS: 5,000ppm
High Recovery: 50-70%
Complete Brackish Water Treatment
Large Families, Multi-Home Applications

*Exclusive RainDance H2O Store Product!
TV-6000 Brackish RO Package
Capacity: Up to 6,000 GPD
Max TDS: 5,000ppm
High Recovery: 50-70%
Complete Brackish Water Treatment
Large Families, Multi-Home Applications

*Exclusive RainDance H2O Store Product!

Iron Max Iron Filter

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TV-8000-12000 Reverse Osmosis Systems

Model # TV-RO Reverse Osmosis Systems
System Function Whole House Water Purification System
Capacity Available in 8,000, 10,000, & 12,000 Gallons Per Day
High Recovery 50-70+% Recovery
Power 220V 60Hz
Maximum Removal Capacities 5,000ppm TDS
(Can be customized for 15,000ppm TDS)
< 0.3ppm Iron
< 0.05ppm Manganese
< 5gpg (85ppm) Hardness
Applications Engineered for City-Treated Water, Well Water, River Water, Brackish Water Sources
Prefilters Attached Sediment Sand Filter
RainDance Exclusives Pre-loaded Flash Drive w/ Instructions, Diagrams, Manuals
Customer & Tech Support Via Phone: 9am-5pm PST Mon-Fri
Via Live Chat: 5am-10pm PST 7 Days
Via Email: 24/7 365 Days a Year

TV-RO Whole House Specifications & Features:  
The TV series is designed for high demand families and large homes where floor space is at a premium. All major system elements are mounted within a sturdy Tubular Stainless Steel Frame - NOT ALUMINUM, welded for long term rigidity and open for easy access to all components. The TV system is a compact, heavy duty RO water purifier for users requiring 2,000 to 12,000 gallons per day water production or looking for the best durable and dependable whole house purification system. TV systems are fully equipped with the instruments and controls needed for reliable long term operation, including but not limited to the following:

  • Stainless Steel Frame, Membrane Housing(s), Vessels, Gauges
  • High Efficiency Rejection & High Recovery up to 70%
  • Structural ABS Control Panel & Microprocessor-based Controller
  • Preinstalled Float Switch for Atmospheric Storage Tank
  • Patented PureFlush Membrane Cleaning (?)
  • Low Energy Thin Film Membrane Elements
  • TDS Water Quality Panel Monitor

  • TV-RO Whole House Equipment Add-Ons:

    100% proven Salt-Free Hard Water Pre-Treatment to protect and prolong the life of RO membranes by reduction of scaling and fouling effects from hard water. Antiscalant injection method is preferable to brine regenerating softeners as it is lower maintenance, economical, and is perfect for areas of the country that have chloride discharge limits. The antiscalant formulation has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) under ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for use in producing potable water. Treats hard water from 5gpg up to 200gpg!

    RainDance offers one of the largest selections of Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment Systems to ensure longevity of our whole house RO systems. Most pretreatment systems are offered at packaged pricing and equipped for minimal maintenance for the convenience of every home owner. Pretreatment systems include no-maintenance self-cleaning sediment & turbidity filters, iron filters, sulfur filters, chlorine filters, high capacity water softeners, bacteria disinfection, and more. We can build the best pretreatment system based on your current water analysis for optimum performance and longevity.

      Reverse osmosis is known to produce acidic water that can be corrosive to copper plumbing and fixtures. Including a Post Remineralizer Filter directly after the RO system neutralizes the acidity of the RO water to prevent corrosion and protect pipes and fixtures. These upflow systems offer high capacity remineralizing media designed to reintroduce a small amount of minerals back to your water with no waste water, no electricity, and a convenient dome hole to easily add more remineralizing media when needed.
      Reverse osmosis systems produce water as a small stream, so a separate storage tank and delivery pump is needed to provide water to every tap on demand. We offer several different sized Atmospheric Storage Tanks for our Whole House RO systems to collect the purified water for later use. FDA/USDA Approved storage tanks include float and fittings for easy installation with our TV-RO systems.


    Delivery Pumps are required after the atmospheric storage tank to delivery pressurized water to every tap on demand. Delivery pump options available from 10gpm up to 30gpm for multiple bathrooms or residences, high pressure showers & bath spas, custom kitchens, and more.
      Post UV Disinfection Systems provide peace of mind and safe water after the storage tank and delivery pump. UV systems are recommended when water sits in the storage tank for periods at a time unused, particularly for vacation homes, rentals, or emergency water storage. High flow VIQUA premium UV systems availabe with optional NSF certified systems.

    SIMPLE OPERATION: Quick Guide On How Our Whole House RO Works: pressurized water from your city treated or well water source enters the attached prefilter cartridge system (additional pretreatment may be needed). Then this pre-filtered water enters the TV-RO water purification system. This RO water begins to fill a near-by storage tank (optional post remineralizer filter adds minerals to RO water before storage). The RO water will continue to fill the storage tank until the included tank float switch closes and shuts the entire system off. When there is a demand for water the re-pressure delivery pump is activated and draws RO water from the storage tank to your taps. If enough water is used to the point where the float switch is reopened, the RO system is automatically reactivated and begins to replace the RO water in the tank that has been depleted.

    *Capacity production rate is based on input water temperature of 25 C (77 F). If your water is colder production will be lower.

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