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If you already have a detailed water analysis we happily provide free consultation to recommend the best water treatment solution(s) for your water problem(s).

Send us your water analysis via email to: Support@RainDanceWaterSystems.com Attn: Water Filter Recommendation or send it via Live Chat and one of our experienced Live Chat Representatives will walk you through the process of finding the best filter for you.

Free Water Test
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You shouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars to learn about the basics of your water chemistry. Whether you are experiencing staining, off-tastes, odors, or scale from your water, testing can give you a glimpse into your water supply. A free water test allows homeowners and businesses alike to understand many common concerns with their water quality. Along with learning more about your water chemistry, a free water test can come at no obligation or pressure to purchase a system! Read more to find out how RainDance offers free water testing and all the advantages you gain from this service.

Why do we offer free water testing?
We want to provide a convenient way for homeowners and businesses to obtain a water report at no charge and no obligation. We don't send a high-pressure salesman to your home or business with a sales pitch - our free online testing allows you to simply send in a sample of your water to get results and recommendations based on your water test.

What is included with our free testing?
Our water test focuses on aesthetic concerns including taste, odor, and appearance of your water - we can identify the agents causing staining or scale on your fixtures or appliances, and components producing a foul odor or salty taste. Our testing includes results for iron, iron bacteria, manganese, tannins, nitrates, pH, alkalinity, water hardness, total dissolved solids, chlorine, odor as received, color as received.

What do you do with the results?
After testing, a hard copy of your results is sent directly to your email so you can review the details of this testing. Recommendations are also included with helpful links to webpages that provide more information on any concerns found with your testing. As always, we are available by phone call, online chat, or email to answer any questions you have about your test results or recommendations.

What do the test results mean?
Results from our free water testing can show you what could be causing issues with staining, taste, or odor with your water supply. Our testing will also provide the levels of your contaminants which is very important when choosing a water filter. For example, if your iron levels tested at 2ppm we can recommend a chemical free iron filter. However, if your iron levels tested at 12ppm this would indicate that a chemical free filter would not work and we would then recommend a filter with separate oxidation. pH levels are also important as most iron filters will not work with a pH less than 6.8. Potential red flags are highlighted and described so you can learn more and take action.

In some cases test results can also show there are no concerns! In many instances, homeowners and businesses already have great water chemistry and don't require treatment - if you are one of these lucky ones, we are happy to let you know that. If you don't need treatment, we won't sell it!

What if I already have a RainDance water filter installed?
If you are an existing RainDance Water Systems customer then you already know about the many free benefits we offer after your purchase including lifetime water testing for as long as you own your filter (we will also offer this same service if you decided to sell your home and a new owner takes over.) Simply send us (2) water samples - one before your RainDance filter or softener (taken at the well head or bypassing your system for untreated water) and one with the system in service mode for treated filtered water. RainDance will test your raw well water and treated water to make sure your system is working at optimum performance and let you know if any adjustments need to be made. We recommend sending in samples at least once a year.

What if I need further testing? 
There may be safety and other possible concerns with water quality - chemicals, bacteria, arsenic, lead, and others that could affect your health should be tested by a certified laboratory. Some people may require extensive testing to include individualized results for metals, chemicals, salts, and others, to help the sale of their home or business, or to regulate the quality of a private well. If you need further safety testing, we would be happy to recommend a qualified national laboratory that can take care of you, wherever you are located. Once your test is completed contact us for a recommendation.  

Why should you do a free water test?
A free test is the perfect starting point to learn more about your water chemistry. For many projects, a basic test is all that is needed to accomplish the treatment goals of the home or business. If you are just beginning your research into water treatment or want to stick with the basics, our free water testing is a great place to start!

How To Get Your Water Tested

To take advantage of our free basic water testing, simply send us a sample of your water for testing. To provide a proper water sample draw water before any existing filtration systems, preferably as close to the source as possible such as a well pressure tank, or from the main household's plumbing system (i.e. kitchen sink, bathroom fixtures, etc.). Please provide at least 8 ounces of water in a leak-proof plastic bottle (NO GLASS). Shipping charges are the responsibility of the sending party.

Use our Free Water Analysis PDF Form OR our Free Water Analysis Online Form below to provide detailed information about your water concerns and application. Print out your desired form and send your form with your water sample. As soon as we receive your test results we'll notify you with our recommendations for the best water filtration system that fits your needs.

Please send sample and your form to: 
RainDance Water Systems Attn: Water Sample 
1672 E. Main St., Suite E, 312
Ramona, California 92065

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