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TWIN-RDWS-NS-16 (28gpm - 1.5" Plumbing Ports) High Flow Commercial Continuous Sediment, Sand, Silt, Turbidity & Rust Filtration System For Irrigation Water, Farms, Large Homes & Commercial Well Water Users

Retail Price: $4,995.00

RainDance Twin RDWS-NS-16 Sediment Eater
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- The RDWS-NS twin alternating tanks provide an uninterrupted supply of filtered water 24 hours a day to your home or business.
- The RDWS-NS "Smart Series" Built To Withstand Seasonal Well Water Changes
- Shipping: Due to weight and ease of maneuverability, tanks, valve, and media are shipped separately on single pallet. Each system includes easy step-by-step filling instructions.
- Function: Continuous Well Water Sediment, Sand, Turbidity Filter for Irrigation and Commercial Water Treatment
- Sizing: High Flow 1.5" Lead-Free Brass Valve Body For Superior Strength & Durability - Up To 28gpm Flow Rates
- Removal Capacities: Sediment Filtration Down To 3-5 Microns & Rust Filtration Up To 1ppm
- Certifications: Uses NSF 61 Certified Filter Media & NSF Certified Valve & Tank
- Accessories: Includes Free Installation Kit, Preloaded Flash Drive With EZ-Instructions
- Support: When other companies close for the day, weekend and holidays, we are still open and available to answer your questions and offer tech support. Our Online Live Chat is available from 5am to 10pm PST, 365 days a year (holidays included) - Emails & Contact Forms are also answered 7 days a week 365 days a year (holidays included) or if you prefer to call (1-877-788-8387) our office hours are from 9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday.
- Company: For more than 20 years, RainDance Water Systems has been providing proven long term well water treatment equipment for residential homes, commercial business, farms and livestock.

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Product Specifications

System Function
Twin Alternating Rust, Sediment, Sand, Turbidity
Filtered Water Treatment System
Maximum Removal Capacities Sediment, Sand, Turbidity Down To 3-5 Microns
Rust & Iron Up To 1ppm

(2) Tanks: 16" dia. x 73" ht. Operating Parameters No Iron Bacteria
No Colloidal Matter
Maximum Flow Rate 28 gpm
Control Valve
Automatic Backwashing

Backwash Flow Rate
20 gpm
Chemical-Free & Salt-Free
No Routine Maintenance Required!

110v 60hz Bypass Valve Yes, Included

System Weight
750 lbs Water Leakage Detector Alarm Yes, Included

Plumbing Size
1.5" Installation Instructions Yes, Included
Minimum/Maximum Pressure
30/100 psi
Tech Support
Yes, Included

Essential Product Information
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Media Tanks - 5 Year Warranty on Digital Valve 
Free Transferable Warranty
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Assembly: Due to weight and ease of maneuverability, tanks, valve, and media are shipped separately on single pallet. Each system includes easy step-by-step filling instructions.
Additional plumbing materials such as pipe and fittings are not included. These materials are readily available at any hardware or home improvement retail store.
Installation: Detailed Plumbing Instructions, Owner's Manual, Diagrams, Easy Step-by-Step Pictured Programming Instructions
Included on Preloaded Flash Drive

We know the importance of your new water treatment system. That's why we offer you access to our support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Contact RainDance Water Systems to learn more about our 24/7/365 services.

FREE Product Accessories Included
FREE Exclusive Offer Only From RainDance Water Systems

The RainDance TWIN-RDWS-NS-16 DIY Installation/Service Kit
Before & After Water Test Bibs - On The Spot Test Kit - Teflon Tape - O-Ring Lube, and more. As always, our Preloaded RainDance USB Flash Drive contains all the installation instructions, diagrams, and manuals you or your installer needs for ease of installation and maintenance.

Protect Your New Twin RainDance Sediment Filter: Vacuum Breaker Now Included!

Product Questions & Answers

Have a question that hasn't been answered? Live chat with a RainDance specialist for a quick answer!

Q: What does continuous filtration mean?
A: The TWIN-RDWS-NS features two tanks for treating well water. Water is filtered in one tank while the other is in a standby mode. When the capacity of the first tank is reached, the system automatically switches tanks. The first tank is then backwashed and remains in standby until the second tank reaches its capacity point. By using two alternating tanks there is always one tank filtering water at any time of day.
When a single-tank sediment filter is backwashing, any water used during this time will be unfiltered and allows sedimet to get into your plumbing. A twin-tank system is a great option if you have high water usage or use water at unpredictable times and need filtered water at any time of the day or night.

Q: How does the RDWS-NS remove sediment?
A: This system contains specialty filter media engineered to trap sediment, sand, and particles when water passes through. This media provides superior water filtration performance and solids loading capacity compared to conventional multi-media water filtration media due to its unique structure, allowing particles to penetrate deep into the filter bed to provide greater filtration at higher flow rates.

Q: How much will it reduce sediment?
A: The RDWS-NS series can effectively filter sediment, dirt, debris, and particles in the water as fine as 3-5 microns.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required for this system?
A: The RDWS-NS series is an automatic self-cleaning "no-maintenance" sediment filtration system. Unlike conventional in-line cartridges that require frequent replacement, these systems use long-lasting filtration media that provides ultimate filtration for years of filtration performance.

Q: Does this system have waste water?
A: Yes, this system uses water to rinse the filter media of built-up sediment and flushes out through the drain line. This drain water contains no harmful additives so the drain water can actually be reused for a no-waste system.

Q: What does backwash flow rate mean?
A: The backwash flow rate is the flow rate required for effective backwashing of the system. Your well system will need to provide this flow rate for the duration of the backwash.

Q: How long does the filter last?
A: The entire system does not need to be replaced, just the filter media. This media is designed to last up to 5+ years depending on water chemistry and usage. When the media is spent you can simply remove the old media and load new media into your system for continued years of service.

Q: Do I need a plumber to install?
 A: If you are handy and have basic plumbing skills you should have no problem with this installation. The RDWS-NS system only requires 3 simple connections - inlet, outlet, and drain line. We provide detailed installation instructions, pictures, and offer several means of tech support for you or your installer if needed.

Q: How do I know my filter is working?
A: There are (2) test bibs and a water test kit included with the RDWS-NS system. These bibs are easily installed before and after the system for on-site testing. We also offer lifetime testing for as long as you own the system.