Water Softening Systems & Comparisons

Hard Water vs. Soft Water - Salt-Free vs. Salt-Based - Sodium Pellets vs. Potassium Pellets

What is Hard Water?

Problem: Hard Water Spots, Scale, Etching
1) White Chalky Scale – Normally associated with Hardness or elevated levels of Total Dissolved Solids (salts) being present in the water supply. 
2) Bathtub rings – Normally associated with Hardness being present in the water supply. 
3) Soap Scum – Normally associated with Hardness being present in the water supply.
4) Spots on Glassware, plates, flatware, showers, appliances – Normally associated with Hardness or elevated Total Dissolved Solids being present in the water supply. 
5) Dingy Laundry – Normally associated with Hardness, Tannins, Manganese and/or Iron being present in the water supply.

Hard water is the result of the presence of calcium and magnesium salts in your water source. Hard water can dry out skin and makes hair brittle. It causes soap scum in tubs and showers and spots on faucets, fixtures and dishes. It also causes scaling in appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters, which can result in high operation costs and premature replacement.

Hardness is measured in parts per million (ppm) or the equivalent mg/L, or in grains per gallon (gpg). Note: if the water analysis is given in ppm as CaCO3 then 1 gpg = 17.1 ppm. There is no established limit for the acceptable level of hardness in water, but it is generally considered to become problematic at around 3 gpg.
Levels of hardness are referred to as follows:

Soft Water: 0 - 1 grains per gallon (<17ppm) 
Slightly Hard Water: 1 - 4 grains per gallon (17-68ppm) 
Moderately Hard Water: 4 - 7 grains per gallon (68-120ppm) 
Hard Water: 7 - 10 grains per gallon (120-171ppm) 
Very Hard Water: Over 10 grains per gallon (>171ppm)



Salt Free Water "Softeners", Conditioners, & Salt-Based Water Softeners

Did You Know? - Water softener discharge has been an issue in several U.S states. Some Legislative Codes prohibits the use of water softening units that discharge brine into the public sewer.

Salinity has been a major topic in California: Several communities having already banned, considered bans, retrofitting or replacement of salt based home water softeners as a way to reduce salt discharges into public wastewater systems. Effective March 27, 2003, the installation of residential automatic or self-regenerating water softeners, including new and replacement units, was prohibited in the Santa Clarita Valley. Communities affected include, but are not limited to: Santa Clarita, Saugus, Valencia, Newhall, Castaic, Canyon Country, Stevenson Ranch, Fair Oaks Ranch, Bouquet Canyon, Mint Canyon, and Forrest Park.

As a result, water treatment companies have started offering salt free water "softeners" or water conditioners that can treat hard water without using or discharging any salt. The results can be pretty misleading however, because salt-free or no-salt systems don't actually remove hard water minerals (calcium and magnesium), so your water remains hard after the salt free system. Salt-free systems are designed to reduce the effects of hard water scale - meaning hard water minerals will not "stick" to surfaces, pipes, and appliances and cause build up and scaling. These systems are great alternatives to salt based water softeners and perfect for customers who live in banned water softener areas, don't like the feeling of soft "slimy" water, or just want to Go Green!

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Sodium Water Softener Pellets or Potassium Water Softener Pellets?

Water softeners contain a special ion exchange resin that traps hard water minerals within the bed of resin and holds onto these minerals until regeneration. Regeneration is the cleaning of the special resin media by using a small amount of brine (mixture of salt and water) from the brine tank as a rinse through the water softening tank. The brine is made by mixing water with chloride water softener pellets, found in most local hardware stores. The hard water minerals (ions) are exchanged with harmless chloride during regeneration which is washed out from the softener system. After regeneration the media is refreshed and ready for the next round of hard water minerals.

For years the only option for water softener brine was sodium chloride softening pellets, which added unwanted sodium into the consumer's water supply. Nowadays customers have options with the sodium-free potassium water softening pellets. Potassium chloride pellets can be used in most water softener systems in place of sodium chloride pellets for consumers who are concerned about their sodium intake or have sensitivies to high sodium levels.

Potassium chloride water softener pellets add no sodium to your water so it's better for plants, gardens, irrigation, and it's even better for drinking water vs. sodium based pellets. Potassium chloride pellets are more environmentally friendly because they do not add sodium to the water supply.

RainDance Water Systems well water softeners, city water softeners, and commercial water softeners can all use potassium salt pellets in place of sodium salt pellets as a sodium-free option to hard water removal.

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