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NANO MEMBRANE OPTION Each of the RainDanceH2O-TV systems can be equipped with NANO membranes instead of the standard reverse osmosis membranes. NANO membranes provide a significant electric power savings (up to 40% less) than reverse osmosis membranes with only a moderate increase in permeate TDS level. NANO membrane work especially well when the principal feed water mineral problem is hardness.

The benefit of nano membranes instead of R.O. membranes depends largely on your feed water quality. If the feed water problem is mainly hardness (calcium, magnesium, sulfate) then nano's will do a good job and use less energy (watts). If the problem is more due to  things like arsenic then R.O. is a better choice.  Nanos will make product water that is moderately higher in TDS compared to R.O. membranes. The 1/2 HP pump on our nano system will use less electric power than the 3/4 HP pump that is needed on the R.O. systems.

The most important part of our nano systems is the special membrane that creates the purified water.  Unlike the membranes used in most reverse osmosis systems which remove up to 99% of dissolved minerals the nano membrane removes only about 80 to 90% (nominal). 

SPECIAL: 1500GPD Non-Electric Portable Nano Water Purification System

We now include Sediment, Rust, VOC, Pesticide, Insecticide, and Organic Chemical Pretreatment AND 6 Year Replacement Filter Package! Save an additional $500 when you use your online rebate - Live Chat Us or Email for our current 1500gpd Portable Nano-Filtration System Rebate savings information. This exclusive $500 off rebate offer will end without notice. Click Here For Details 

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Commercial Business, Whole House, Agriculture, Livestock
No Salt Regeneration Required !
Salt Free Water Treatment Equipment - No Salt Water Softeners
Salt Less Hard Water Softening

Nano Membranes provide high productivity performance while removing a high percentage of salts, nitrate, and organic compounds such as pesticides, herbicides and THM precursors. The low net driving pressure NF membrane allows the removal of these compounds at low operating pressures - NF also removes hardness from water, which accounts for NF membranes sometimes being called softening membranes - applications include drinking water - water softening - commercial business - farming - agriculture - livestock - greenhouses - horses and all other animals. Visit our Commercial 2000gpd up to 12,000gpd  Nano-Filtration Water Treatment Selection Guide at

What is the difference between Nano Filtration & Reverse Osmosis?


Nano filtration water treatment is much the same as reverse osmosis technology. The key difference is the lower rejection levels - Nano Filtration is used where the high salt rejection of reverse osmosis is not necessary. Our Nano filtration systems offer a cost-effective alternative to commercial & Whole House reverse osmosis units, as Nano filtration systems can be operated at lower pressures and provide hard water softening as known as "membrane softening". The level of dissolved solids to be removed is less than what is typically encountered in brackish water or seawater. As such, Nano filtration is especially well-suited for treatment of municipal city tap water, well water, or water from surface sources like rivers and lakes.


Our Nano filtration systems are capable of removing a high percentage of water hardness (calcium and magnesium) Nano filtration is also used to remove pesticides and other organic contaminants from surface and groundwater.  Nano filtration is also an alternative to salt based water softening. NANO Advantage: lower investment costs and lower energy costs! Compared to conventional softening, operation costs are considerably reduced as expensive water regenerations with large salt amounts becoming obsolete.


We know it can be overwhelming wading through mounds of information when selecting a nano filtration system. Before long your brain is abuzz with different competitors, options, custom features, and terminology. Our experienced nano membrane water treatment support/design team is here to help you understand and address any questions or concerns that you may have Contact us at: - Our support/design team will answer your questions or concerns 7 days a week, typically within minutes with honest easy to understand answers before and after your purchase. We believe in an educated buyer who will buy the water filter he/she needs, with ultimate long term satisfaction


WE ALSO OFFER WHOLE HOUSE PORTABLE NANO WATER SOFTENING DRINKING WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS: When shopping for solutions to reduce hard water minerals or contaminants found in your water source, Portable Nano Water Filtration is one that stands out from the rest. Combining softening and filtering in one specially-designed nano filter, the Rain-TPC Water Systems will provide soft, filtered water for all your home water needs and travel with you to offer the same great quality water at your vacation home, secluded cabin, green house, or your personal storage tanks. Don't settle for undesirable water available to you when you're on vacation or living off-the grid because Rain-TPC Water Systems can go anywhere with you. Visit our Whole House Nano-Filtration Equipment Selection Guide at:


Live Chat with a RainDance Water Systems specialist, where you can chat, ask questions and receive real-time live answers, rebate codes, and quotes from our Online Techs, Top Specialists and Water Experts: Click Here For Immediate Help! or call 1-877-788-8387


Portable Nano Water Softeners Water Filtration Systems

Designed to soften hard water minerals and filter water without the use of salts or chemicals! 

The Portable Nano series is designed to provide clean filtered water and hard water softening in areas where the available water supply contains high levels of undesirable hard water minerals, slightly brackish water, chlorine, or other contaminants. The key features of the Portable Nano models are portability, simplicity, rugged design, and the ability to operate on typical city treated tap or well water line pressure. Applications include portable mobile water softening and water filtration for Micro Breweries, Craft Beer Makers, Bars, Cafe's, Coffee & Tea Shops, Light Commercial, Whole House, Horses, Livestock, Wineries, Green Houses, Growers, Vacation Homes, Cabins, and Off-The-Grid Uses (non-electric options available), Great for Filling Storage Tanks, Barrels, Bottles, and Containers. Our mobile nano water filters are designed for the user to simply dolly our multipurpose water softener filtration system to your point of use, station to station, or simply add a storage tank and re-pressure pump and use as a whole house or commercial water softener drinking water filtration system. Available in Both Portable (as shown) and Stationary Non-Cart Options.



Choose Your Capacity: Nano Membrane (NF) Filtration - Up to 1500gpd or Up to 3000gpd water filtration capacity

Built-In Dolly - Completely Mobile Portable   

High capacity sediment, rust, and dirt prefilter   

High capacity chlorine, chemical odor, and voc prefilter 

Includes (3) hoses for immediate use: (1) Feed water inlet hose - (1) Drain water hose - (1) Drinking Water Hose Made NSF Certified Drinking Water Safe,

BPA and Phthalate Free, Reinforced for maximum kink resistance. 

Livestock Special Offer - RAIN-TPC STOCK WATER Special will also include a *6 year replacement filter package at no charge. Replacement Package Includes: 12 replacement sediment pre-filters and 12 carbon replacement pre-filters.*6 year supply of filters when replaced every 6 months. 

Free Delivery to your home, farm, ranch, or business within the continental USA - Overseas shipping quoted upon request.  

Click on the following webpage link for detailed information and special pricing:

TV-NANO Series - No Salt, Non-Chemical Commercial &  Whole House Hard Water Softening and Filtration

Nanofiltration systems are used for whole house hard water softening drinking filtration, agriculture, livestock, dairy and cattle farming, manufacturing business, water softening, food, pharmaceutical, municipal, lake, river, well water applications, reclaim water, run off water - avocado groves, palm tree groves, orange groves, tomato, organic farms, Commercial Water Treatment For Produce Growers .

Nanofiltration Benefits Vs. Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Designed for both Well Water & City Treated Water Sources
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower energy costs
  • Lower discharge, Less waste water
  • Higher Recovery - Up to 50%-75% Recovery - Better Than Most RO Systems!  
  • Reduces salt (TDS) Total Dissolved Solids content of slightly brackish water
  • Typical rejection 80% - 90% nominal
  • Reduces heavy metals
  • Reduces nitrates and sulfates
  • Reduces color, tannins, and turbidity
  • No Softener Needed - Nano Systems Soften Hard Water - RO Systems Require Hard Water Pretreatment! 
  • Chemical-Free - i.e. does not use salts or chemicals
  • Unlike, most water after a reverse osmosis systems the pH of the water after the Nanofilter is typically non aggressive.
  • Portable / Mobile Nano Water Filters - Provide the ultimate water for green houses or premium drinking water for your horses or other animals with our optional portable nano water filter series - The Portable Nano Series of purification systems provide clean, healthy drinking water for livestock in areas where the available water supply contains high levels of minerals or other undesirable contaminants. The key features of the Stockwater models are portability, simplicity, rugged design, and the ability to operate on typical tap or well water line pressure. Learn the benefits of our portable water filters ~ here

RainDance Water Systems No Hassle Commercial Nano Filtration Water Treatment Quote Form
The Nano systems we offer have all been for specific applications where the user provides us feed water chemistry and desired product water quality and quantity info. Nano water treatment applications are typically softening related, sometimes it is dewatering to obtain a desired concentrated by product, other times it is waste water treatment, etc. If you can obtain feed water info and product water requirements we can determine if Nano is applicable. You can find detailed information on our Stationary - Skid Mount & Portable Nano Filtration Systems at our Nano Filter Store 

Floor Mount & Skid Mount Commercial and Whole House Nano Filtration Systems
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