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Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Systems Significantly Improve the Quality and Flavor of Potable Water Supplies


The Stainless Steel TSM Wall Mount Reverse Osmosis System  

Affordable Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment - Free limited Time Offers, Save With Special Package Pricing, *Free Shipping

Water purified by reverse osmosis has had often greater than 95%of dissolved ions, and 99% of most contaminants removed. Why a reverse osmosis system from RainDance Water Systems? Because we can customize absolutely everything tailored to the customer's water chemistry and ambient operating conditions. A reverse osmosis unit for Japan will be significantly different from one sent to Alaska. Choose from our most popular cost effective, user friendly commercial reverse osmosis systems listed below. Choose from our Skid Mount, Vertical Mount, Horizontal Mount, Wall Mount, Compact and stainless steel reverse osmosis systems. 

We offer reverse osmosis water purification solutions for manufacturing including bottled water stores, pharmaceutical, electronic industry, process water, chemical industry, electroplating industry, electrical power generating, polymer solutions and more.

A small sample of our USA commercial water treatment customer base includes: The U.S. Army, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Federation, The United States Coast Guard, Federal Aviation Administration, Lockheed Martin, Gaffney-Kroese Supply Corp, Washington St. National Park Service, San Diego State University, Arizona State University, Palomar College, Miasole, Trico Products Corporation, Affinity Flavors, Snake River Power Plant, South Placer Municipal Utility District, Berkley Surgical Corporation, Abengoa Energy of NE, Advanced Marine PTE., Quinlan Texas Elementary School, Hunter Industries, Sonance Corp., Owens Brigam Medical, 1st Choice GMAC Realty, Century 21 Realty, Coldwell Banker Realty, Austin Productions, Fairfield Country Club, Auer Precision Inc., Deer Park Monastery, Global Food Technologies, Oral Bio Tech, Earthbound Farms, Old Country Vineyards, Fairbanks Farms, Golden Eagle Thoroughbred Horse Farm, Buckridge Plantation and Stables, Just to name a few.

RainDance Water Systems Specialty Markets offers a wide variety of innovative Water Treatment products to meet diverse application needs within the manufacturing, craft & micro-breweries, Hydroponics, greenhouses, organic farms, food processors, restaurants/coffee shops, and humidity control systems industries.

Small Compact Size High Performance Reverse Osmosis Systems

State Of The Art Stainless Steel TSM RO Series

TSM Series - TSM Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis Systems ideal for minimum footprint water filtration uses. They are also perfect for whole house home use, coffee shops, cafe's, restaurants, spot-free rinse, labs, small business, greenhouses, organic growers and commercial water filtration. These units are compact, light and are designed for easy access to all major system components. The TSM (RO) system is a compact, heavy duty stainless steel Reverse Osmosis water purifier for users requiring 400 to 1500 gallons per day water production. As with all our purifier products, the TSM reverse osmosis systems are fully equipped with the instruments and controls needed for reliable long term operation.

Perfect Choice - compact shelf or wall mount water filter solutions for whole house water filter applications, homes, green houses, growers, coffee shops, cafe's, restaurants, spot-free rinse, labs, and small business.

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800 light commercial reverse osmosis system  

TSM series of commercial Reverse Osmosis water purifiers built to suit the needs and requirements of commercial pure water users.
This includes restaurants, coffee stores, convenience stores, microbreweries, supermarket produce and food preparation operations, misting and humidification systems, car wash facilities, and many other businesses that must have consistent high quality water for their daily operations. The key factors of reliability, serviceability, and consistent performance with minimum user intervention are achieved in the solid design of the TSM systems. Stainless steel is used throughout; in frame, pressure vessels and fastening hardware to provide the structural strength and corrosion resistance appropriate for a commercial appliance.

The TSM system design is optimized for either shelf mount or wall mount installation. The four models; 400 GPD, 800 GPD, 1200 GPD and 1500 GPD all occupy the same very compact footprint. This allows flexibility in accommodating the limited space available in most commercial utility equipment locations. Quick connect tube fittings on all system ports further simplifies installation and service. Most important, all TSM models incorporate the most reliable combination of proven reverse osmosis hydraulic design and state of the art Thin Film membrane elements to provide the long term performance expected by commercial users.

All TSM Reverse Osmosis systems include the
following important quality features.
Stainless Steel Frame & Pressure Vessels
Thin Film Composite Membranes
High capacity sediment pretreatment filters Suspended Solids (dirt, rust, sediment, etc).
High capacity carbon pretreatment filters chlorine, organic chemicals, and toc...
High Performance 3/4 HP Motors
Positive Displacement Rotary Vane Pump
Integral Hydraulic Manifold Assembly
Fast Flush Control
Low Feed Pressure Cutout Switch
Tank Pressure Control Switch
Delrin Orifice or Teflon Tube Flow Control
Feed Inlet Solenoid Valve
SS Needle Valve Pressure Control
Product Tank Pressure Relief Valve
*New Blending Option - The basic configuration of the TSM series products is ideal for many typical water purification applications. However, there are certain users such as craft/microbreweries, labs, manufacturing, home use, and premium coffee houses that often desire the ability to monitor and control the TDS level of the output purified water. This option is available on TSM-400 to 1500 systems. The Blend option includes a digital TDS monitor and a metering needle valve. This option allows a precise amount of filtered feed water to be added (blended) to the product water flow and the blended TDS level is displayed on the monitor readout *Required: Please mention that you would like to add the FREE "Blending Option" at the time of ordering.
All Systems Wet Tested Before Shipping
Operating Parameters: Max TDS-2500ppm, Total iron is less than 0.3ppm, Manganese is less than 0.05ppm, Water hardness below 5 gpg.

TSM Wall Mount Reverse Osmosis Spec Sheet

Wall Mount Reverse Osmosis Diagram

All 400gpd - 1,500gpd TSM Series Wall Mount Reverse Osmosis Systems Include Custom Features Listed Above 

How do I get a TSM RO Reverse Osmosis Price Quote? If you would like to receive a hassle free detailed price quote please contact us at or use our Quote Form. Please be sure to let us know the TSM Wall Mount RO Model you are interested in below. Note: All quotes will include current pricing and any special offers or free pretreatment specials

Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis System

Limited Time Coffee, Tea, Beverages, Craft Beer Brewer's Special Includes:

Choose Your Capacity: TSM-400 400gpd, TSM-800 800gpd, TSM-1200 1,200gpd or TSM-1500 1,500gpd Reverse Osmosis System (Stainless Steel Finish # 4)

Built-In TDS Blending Valve

High capacity sediment, rust, and dirt prefilter   

High capacity chlorine, chemical odor, and voc prefilter 

300 gallon capacity storage tank

10gpm delivery pump   

Craft Beer Makers Special Offer - TSM RO Brewer's Special will also include a *6 year replacement filter package at no charge. Replacement Package Includes: 12 replacement sediment pre-filters and 12 carbon replacement pre-filters.*6 year supply of filters when replaced every 6 months.  

Request a Quote Email Us: - Attn: TSM Brew Master Special   

 The TSM RO can also be purchased separately without our Brew Master Package offer listed above - see prices below



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Part #

Gallons Per Day






TSM-400: $2,998.00

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TSM-800: $3,198.00

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TSM-1200: $3,298.00 

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Most Popular



 TSM-1500: $3,498.00 

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TSM-1500 Overall Dimensions:
45" W x 8" D x 14" HT

In almost all reverse osmosis applications, providing pretreatment for the feed water protects and extends the life of the purification. While there are some exceptions, some type of pretreatment equipment is almost always used to protect the ro system. We offer complete pretreatment capabilities that include, iron filters, sediment removal, water softeners, chlorine filters, antiscalant systems, uv ultraviolet disinfection and more. Contact for all your pretreatment needs. Note: Any free pretreatment offers will be included in your quote.    

RainDance Water Systems TSM Reverse Osmosis Options List:
No room for a storage tank and re-pressure pump? Use these pre-charged Reverse Osmosis System pressure tanks when you have limited space requirements and lower water volume demand. Perfect for restaurants, cafe's, labs, offices, wet bar, spot free rinse, and more

30 gallon hydro-pneumatic pressure tank. 18 gallons in storage.
Dimensions 16" diameter x 44" high. Shut off valve included.
Volume is based on a 50psi shutoff and 15psi pre-charge

 Model: PT-30

Price: $650.00ea *Free Shipping 

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40 gallon hydro-pneumatic pressure tank. 24 gallons in storage.
Dimensions 16" diameter x 57" high. Shut off valve included.
Volume is based on a 50psi shutoff and 15psi pre-charge

 Model: PT-40

Price: $750.00ea *Free Shipping 

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80 gallon hydro-pneumatic pressure tank. 48 gallons in storage.
Dimensions 25" diameter x 56" high. Shut off valve included.
Volume is based on a 50psi shutoff and 15psi pre-charge

 Model: PT-80

Price: $850.00ea *Free Shipping 

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Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank Options:

Needed to store water from reverse osmosis system
Note: Our TSM reverse osmosis tanks include complete float switches for storage tanks (top tank for shut off) Larger storage tanks available upon request
Approx. 35" dia x 85" ht.
300 Gallon Storage Tank (green)
(Designed to fit through standard doorways)


Model: TK-300/Float
Price: $995.00ea *Free Shipping 
Approx. 47" diameter and 83" high
500 Gallon Storage Tank (green)


Part #: LCX-TK-ST500
Price: $1,195.00ea *Free Shipping


Draws water out of the TSM storage tank to your application

 Re-pressure pump rated @ 10gpm (110v)

Designed for athmospheric storage tanks listed above.

Model: RP-10GPM

Price: $695.00ea *Free Shipping 

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RainDance Water Systems Special Offer:  Give Your Customers The Water Quality They Need! Limited Time Special Price  

Model: 250gpd PureWaterMachine™ High Capacity 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System   

Wet Bar, Office, Cafe, Restaurant, Ice Supply, Laboratory, Work Shops, Drinking Water & Beverage Applications

High capacity RO membranes are used in series to provide the required water rate up to 250gpd. It is supplied with a 14-gallon pressurized tank which holds 9-gallons of water. RO system includes  powder coated steel floor stand. The RO technology removes an average of 95% of the TDS - Total Dissolved Solids. The five stages are described in the table below.

A booster pump is installed in the system to provide water pressure of 85 psi to the membranes. To reduce wear on the pump, it is installed after the the pre-filters. An adjustable pressure switch in the line to the tank will turn on the pump when the tank pressure is 25 psi, and off at 40 psi.

Auto Shut-Off Valve (Conserves Water) 
Flow Restrictor - Modified Capillary 
Long Reach, Non-Airgap Water Faucet - Allows you to easily dispense filtered water - up to 250gpd
Feed Water Connector - Threaded Inlet Adapter With Metal Ball valve Drain Clamp
Includes (1) 14 gallon pressure tank hold 9 gallons of water   
3/8 Inch Flexible Polyethylene Tubing W/Quick Connect Fittings

This reverse osmosis unit measures 13.5"W x 7"D x 39"H; 14 gallon storage tank (9 gallons of water) is 15.75" diameter and 22.5" height; total system weighs approx. 70 lbs. 

Stage 1 Sediment Pre-Filter: A pre-filter sediment cartridge is utilized, which because of the fine micron rating, is effective in removing dirt and sand particles.
Stage 2 Initial Carbon Pre-Filter: The high quality carbon pre-filter provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor, and color.
Stage 3 Secondary Carbon Pre-Filter: This secondary carbon pre-filter provides effective filtration and does not release carbon fines. It provides for improved membrane performance.
Stage 4 High Capacity Reverse Osmosis Membrane: (3) high performance membranes that processes up to 250 gallons per day.
Stage 5 Carbon Post-Filter: This filter provides final polishing of processed water leaving the storage tank.

5 Stage Light Commercial 250gpd Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Specifications: 100% Tested & Assembled In The U.S.A
Up to 250 gallons per day - Water When You Want It ! Perfect for your drinking water, ice, beverage makers, and more.
14 Gallon Tank Capacity: Hold 9 gallons of water
First Stage Pre-Filter: sediment 5 micron - 20" spun poly - provides sediment and rust filtration 
Second Stage Pre-Filter: 20" carbon block - provides chlorine and unwanted chemical filtration  
Third Stage Pre-Filter: 20" carbon block - additional chemical filtration
Fourth Stage Membrane: (3) RO membranes provide pure water by filtering total dissolved solids, sodium, salts, heavy metals, and more.
Fifth Stage Post-Filter: 2.5" x14" granular activated carbon in-line - additional organic chemical filtration
Power: Standard 110v needed for Built-in  Booster Pump
Feed Water Pressure: 20 PSI min/100 PSI max
Feed Water Temperature: 40F-100F
Feed Water pH: 3 min to 10 max
Turbidity less than 1 NTU
Total Dissolved Solids: 1500 ppm normal max
Model 250gpd PureWaterMachine™ High Capacity 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System - Includes Water Faucet, Pressurized Holding Tank, and Now Includes a Handheld TDS Total Dissolved Solids Monitor.
Limited Time Special Price: $1,199.00ea Free Shipping Within The Continental U.S. Note: This Special Will End Without Notice
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Order online using our secured shopping cart and receive a Free Filter Replacement Package ( $70.00 Value) With Purchase
Filter Replacement Package
250gpd PureWaterMachine Replacement Filter Package
$70.00 Free Shipping
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Package includes 2-Sediment Filters, 2-Carbon block and 1 inline carbon filter (1 year supply).
Sediment Filter should be changed every 6 months. Carbon Filter should be changed every 12 months.
Membrane Replacement Package Includes (3) Membranes
250gpd PureWaterMachine Replacement (3) Membrane Package
$250.00 Free Shipping
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Package contains 3- Membranes. Membrane should be changed every 2 to 5 years.

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Full line of commercial water filters for virtually every water filtration application

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