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Low Waste 400 Gallons Per Day Whole House Reverse Osmosis
The RainDance-400 Whole House RO Package
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RainDance Water Systems Product


RainDance has been providing top of the line whole house reverse osmosis systems since 1998! Are you comparing whole house RO systems? Read About Us, our detailed information & the services we provide below - We offer everything you need for reliable long term whole house water purification!

Filters Contaminants & High Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Up To 2500ppm!

RainDance-400 Whole House RO Package
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RainDance Special Online Price: $6,983.00

SUMMER SALE UPDATEUnfortunately, due to increased shipping rates, raw materials & manufacturing costs we will be raising our prices August 1, 2024 - The Good News: You can still lock-in our current sales price as well as our whole house RO add-on special until July 31, 2024.

  • Add A FREE Remote Monitor
  • Add FREE Water Quality Meters
  • Add A FREE UV Ultraviolet Disinfection System For Water Borne Bacteria & Virus Removal
  • Add A FREE 3 Year Prefilter Replacement Package
  • Add A FREE Water Totalizing Meter - Counts How Many Gallons Of Water You Are Using 
  • Detailed Information Can Be Found Below
  • Order Online Or Call 1-877-788-8387 To Place Your Order With A RainDance Specialist.
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Compare The RainDance Advantage Below:

Providing Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems Since 1998!

Water Source: Designed To Filter & Purify Well Water & City Treated Water
Suitable for 1-2 People - Up To 400GPD Home Water Use
- The RainDance "Smart Series Whole House RO" Built To Withstand Seasonal & Intermittent High Well Water TDS Changes.
- Function:
Ultra user-friendly - designed for both city treated water sources and salty brackish well water to remove impurities such as chromium-6, nitrate, sulfate, sodium, chloride, arsenic, copper, lead, fluoride, aluminum, metals, chemical contaminants, uranium, gross alpha/beta, & High TDS Up To 2,500ppm - Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems have been found to be extremely effective in removing Gen X and PFAS such as PFOA & PFOS Chemicals.
- Electronic Control Panel:
Best-In-Class Easy Automatic RO Control Panel offers automated control of several system functions and helps prolong the life of the RO motor and membrane, providing long-term reliable operation. Read More Here >>>
- Includes The Following State-Of-The-Art RO Water Purification Equipment:
  • 400gpd Stainless Steel Show Room Quality Compact Wall Mount Reverse Osmosis System
  • Custom-Built Based Off Your Water Chemistry - Email Us Your Water Report For Estimated Post RO Water Quality Results.
  • Treats High Minerals/Salts & Other Impurities Up To 2,500ppm TDS
  • Includes Color Coded RO Tubing For Easy Installation
  • High Capacity / Low Energy Home RO System
  • Easy To Install, Maintain & Service
  • Includes: Dual Integrated Sediment & Chemical/Chlorine/VOC's Removal Prefiltration
  • Concern About Other Chemicals? Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems have been found to be extremely effective in removing Gen X and PFAS such as PFOA & PFOS Chemicals.  
  • Includes Post Remineralizer - Low pH Plumbing Corrosion Prevention
  • Low Waste! Uses Up To Date RO System Design Software To Reduce Waste Water & Achieve A 50% Recovery.
  • Includes: Premium Electronic RO Control Panel
  • Includes: Water Totalizing Meter (Counts Gallons Used)
  • Includes: TDS & pH Level Water Quality Monitors
  • Includes 300 Gallon Water Storage Tank (Or Supply Your Own Tank And We Will Include A Float & Float Switch FREE!)
  • Includes On-Demand Storage Tank Water Delivery Pump
  • Includes: Installation Instructions & Diagrams Pre-Loaded On Flash Drive
  • Includes: Lifetime Support & Water Testing
- Support: When other companies close for the day, weekend and holidays, we are still open and available to answer your questions and offer tech support. Our Online Live Chat is available from 5am to 10pm PST, 365 days a year (holidays included) - Emails & Contact Forms are also answered 7 days a week 365 days a year (holidays included) or if you prefer to call (1-877-788-8387) our office hours are from 9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday. The RainDance Support Team has over 75 years of combined RO Design, Manufacturing, Service, and Support knowledge to help answer any questions that you may have. 


RainDance-400 Whole House RO Package

Includes Free Delivery
Within The Continental US

Manuals & Documents

Quick-View Install Guide
Data Sheet

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The RainDance line of low waste well water whole house reverse osmosis systems are available from 400gpd up to 6000gpd - all RO systems incorporate a recirculation valve which conserves water and allows for less water going down the drain. *Typical recovery for these systems are 50% (1 gallon of pure water to 1 gallon of waste water) up to 70% (2 gallons of pure water to 1 gallon of waste water). Most of our competitors advertise higher waste water and a lower recover of only 33%  *The amount of waste water can be determined by your water chemistry. If you have a water report please email us at Support@RainDanceWaterSystems.com Attn: Whole House RO Design - All of our whole house reverse osmosis systems are manufactured to be water efficient using the latest up to date membrane solutions software.
Product Specifications

System Function
Whole House Water Purification Equipment Package

Engineered For City-Treated Water, Well Water, River Water, Brackish Water Sources

Recommended Installation Area: 8'L x 6'W x 8.5'H Or Greater
See Equipment Section Below
Recovery/Waste High Recovery Of 50% (1:1 Ratio)
Low Waste Compared To ROs With 5:1 Waste Ratio

Plumbing Size

1/2" Quick Connect RO Fittings
1" Threaded Pump Fittings

 Maximum Removal Capacities
Removes Up To 2,500ppm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
Reduces Arsenic, Alpha & Beta Particles, Fluoride, Chlorides, Chromium, Fluoride, Lead, Nitrates & Nitrites, Pharmaceuticals, Sodium, Sulfates, Uranium, and much more.

 RO System Weight
45 lbs
Operating Parameters
Iron must be below 0.3ppm
Manganese must be below 0.05ppm
Hardness must be below 5gpg (85mg/L)
Power 110v 60hz Production 400 Gallons Per Day (GPD)
Approx. 16.6 Gallons Per Hour (GPH)
*Production output varies with feed water temperature.

 Minimum Pressure & Flow Rate Needed
25psi / 1.8gpm Equipment Includes Whole House RO System, Prefilters, Remineralizer, Storage Tank, Delivery Pump, Accessories

All of our whole home reverse osmosis systems are manufactured to be water efficient using the latest up to date membrane solutions software which includes expected recovery, waste water, permeate, concentrate water and operational pressure.   
Package Equipment Included
RainDance-400 Reverse Osmosis System
Showroom Quality Polished Stainless Steel Frame & Membrane Housing
Low Energy Semipermeable RO Membrane
Recirculation Valve for Higher Recovery
Automatic Electronic RO Control Panel
Pre-installed Float Switch for Atmospheric Tank
Pre-installed 1/2" Easy Quick Connect Fittings
Dimensions: 28"W x 8"D x 12"H - Total Height w/ Prefilters: 25"
RO Electronic Control Panel: Allows the home owner to easily monitor the performance of their system by using easy-to-read light up indicators for common RO functions. Certain features such as the System Flushing and Low Pressure provide added protection by automatically cleaning the RO membrane and shutting the RO system off in events of low water pressure. Low water pressure can cause an RO system to cycle on and off which can burn out the motor and increase noise level. Other features like the RO Pump and Tank Full keep you informed when the system is running and you have a full tank of purified water. With automated control it has never been easier to operate a whole house RO system! 
  Dual Sediment & Carbon Prefilter System - Stainless Steel Frame w/ Dual 2.5" x 10" Sediment & Carbon Prefilters. Provides RO protection from sediment, dirt, debris, chlorine, chlorination by-products, organic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, radon, and much more.
Pre-installed Shutoff Valve - Pre-installed 1/2" Fittings
Dimensions: 14"W x 8"D x 12.5"H
  Post RO Remineralizer Filter - Designed to keep your RO water non-corrosive and protect any copper plumbing. This calcite system adds back calcium and magnesium minerals to effectively raise the pH of RO water and neutralize acidity.
Easily installs separately after the RO system and before the storage tank.
Includes (1) 4.5" x 10" Big Blue Housing, Mounting Bracket w/ Screws, Easy Quick Connect Fittings, & Filter Wrench
Dimensions: Total Height Approx. 13"

Note: We do not use blending valves with our whole house reverse osmosis systems as they add contaminants back to your water supply which could be potentially dangerous. For example, our RO system will remove the majority of arsenic and other contaminants but it would not take much feed water blended in with the purified water to kick arsenic and other impurity levels back up. For this reason alone we offer a separate pH remineralizer and not a blending valve!
The purified RO water comes out as a small stream, which is why you have to have a separate storage tank and repressure pump to collect and deliver your purified water to your taps. The delivery pump will then provide the flow rate needed for pressure throughout your home.

  300 Gallon Atmospheric Storage Tank - FDA/USDA Approved & BPA Free RO product water storage tank for on-demand water supply.
Includes 1/2" Easy Quick Connect Inlet Fitting for RO System.
Includes Complete Float Assembly for full tank shutoff.
Can be installed indoors or outdoors up to 50ft away.
Dimensions: Approx. 35"D x 85"H (Designed to fit through standard doorways)
On Demand Delivery Pump
 - Fully integrated compact booster pump draws water from RO storage tank and delivers perfect water pressure to all taps. The built-in electronic controller provides constant pressure which ensures that the pump starts automatically when water is consumed and operates continuously until water is not required. 1" Inlet/Outlet Ports. Power is 110v, 1-phase. 1 HP Motor. Output is 10 gpm at 48psi.
Color Coded Installation Tubing - Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or local plumber! 1/2" flexible tubing is included to use with the pre-installed 1/2" quick connect fittings on the RO system. Color tubing coordinates with the RO feed water (white), product water (blue), and drain water (yellow). Includes (3) 20ft sets of tubing.
Water Totalizing Meter - Our reverse osmosis totalizing meter accurately displays how many gallons you are using, making it easier for you to monitor your daily water use and track how many gallons are running through the filters.

RainDance Preloaded Flash Drive
- Installation is made easy with our Whole House RO Flash Drive, which includes essential information such as detailed installation instructions, pictured diagrams, manuals, ABC's of Plumbing Handbook, and more!
  • Bonus: Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Conductivity (EC), Water Temperature & pH Water Quality Monitors also included.
Limited Time Only: Now You Can Add A FREE UV Disinfection System To Your Order!
VH200, 9-16 GPM Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer System - Post UV Treatment for Coliform & Water-Borne Bacteria, Viruses
  • UV Is Effective in killing off bacteria and viruses:​ 
  • Coliform Bacteria
  • Leptospira Interrogans (Infectious Jaundice)
  • Salmonella Typhosa (Typhoid Fever)
  • Bacteriophage (E. coli)
  • Hepatitus Virus
  • Chlorella Vulgaris
  • Influenza Virus
  • Legionella Pneumophila (Legionnaires' Disease)
Inlet/Outlet: 3/4” - 1” MNPT COMBO - Chamber Length: 17.75" x 3.5" - Controller: 7.25" x 3.5" x 2.5"
Weight: 12.5lbs
Voltage: 100-240v - Frequency: 50-60hz - Power Consumption: 35w (1.5 amps)
Limited Time Only: Now You Can Add A Free 3 Year Prefilter Replacement Package To Your Order!  
  • 6 Extra Carbon Prefilters - Designed to pretreat any chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, insecticides & herbicides - Replace every *6 months
  • 6 Extra Sediment Prefilters -  Designed to pretreat any sediment, sand and turbidity - Replace every *6 months
*Some applications may require a more frequent replacement interval.



Limited Time Only: Now You Can Add An Optional Free Remote Monitor To Your Order! 
​Remote Monitoring - Uses an Amazon Ring camera mounted in front of the RO system to view the controller and gauges on the RO system - requires a WIFI connection and free Amazon Ring account.
You can now view the RO pressure gauges & indicator lights on the controller box in real time from your home, business or while on vacation with the use of your smart phone, laptop or smart device. (this feature is optional and is not required to operate the RO equipment)

Package Plumbing Diagram

1. Dual Prefilter Assembly Sediment Filter traps dirt, debris, and particulates for extra membrane protection.
2. Dual Prefilter Assembly Carbon Filter removes chlorine & organic chemicals for extra membrane protection.
3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane removes up to 99% of water contaminants for purified water.
4. Post Remineralizer Filter neutralizes acidic water and raises low pH for copper plumbing protection.
5. Atmospheric Storage Tank collects purified RO water for on-demand use in the home.
6. Repressurization Delivery Pump draws water from tank and delivers to home taps on demand.

Essential Product Information
Warranty:  Great Warranty on Complete Whole House RO Package  
Free Transferable Warranty
Click Here To Read More
Assembly: RO systems are custom-built upon order and wet-tested before shipment for quality assurance.
Every RO system includes hard copy installation instructions and complete package manuals & diagrams are included on a Preloaded Flash Drive.
We know the importance of your new water treatment system. That's why we offer you access to our support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Contact RainDance Water Systems to learn more about our 24/7/365 services.
Some additional plumbing materials such as pipe and fittings needed to connect to the existing plumbing are not included. These materials are readily available at any hardware or home improvement retail store.

Product Maintenance

The following list is the typical routine maintenance required for this whole house RO package.
*Maintenance and replacement is dependent on water chemistry and may be subject to more or less frequent changes.
Replacements are readily available through RainDance Water Systems.


RainDance-400 Whole House RO System
Dual Prefilter Assembly:: Prefilters should be replaced every 6 months*.  

400GPD RO Membrane: Membrane should be replaced every 3-5 years*.

Post RO Remineralizer Filter
Post Remineralizer Filter should be replaced every 9-12 months*.

Product Questions & Answers

Have a whole house reverse osmosis question that hasn't been answered? Live chat with a RainDance specialist for a quick answer!!

Q: How does the complete package work?
A: Pressurized water from your water source first enters the Dual Prefilter Assembly to provide extra membrane protection from dirt, debris, chlorine, organic chemicals, and more. Prefiltered water then enters the Whole House RO System to purify the water. Purified water flows into the Post Remineralizer Filter to neutralize acidic water then begins filling the nearby Storage Tank. Water will continue filling the tank until the included float switch shuts the entire system off. When there is a demand for water, the repressurization delivery pump is activated and draws water from the storage tank to your taps. If enough water is used to the point where the float switch is activated, the RO system will automatically turn on and begin replacing the water that has been depleted in the tank.

Q: Should I have my water tested?
A: Yes! The only way to ensure a whole house RO system will be both optimally effective and efficient is to plan & design each system on a complete breakdown of the unfiltered water to be treated. If you haven't tested your water yet, take advantage of our Free Water Testing! If you have a water analysis ready to go, simply email your analysis too support@raindancewatersystems.com and we would be happy to review and recommend the perfect whole house purification system.

Q: Do I need a water softener with the RO system?
A: If you have hard water, yes! The #1 reason for most whole house RO system failures is inadequate or no pretreatment. Proper pretreatment is vital to the longevity of your RO equipment and without it, expensive components can begin degrading quickly. In order to protect your RO system from different types of water chemistry we have designed thee RainDancePRO pretreatment system to provide extensive protection on multiple water sources. Read more about this system below!

 Q: How long has RainDance been selling whole house RO systems?
  A: For more than 20 years, RainDance Water Systems has been designing & providing proven long term well water reverse osmosis packages for residential homes, commercial business, farms and livestock.
Q: How do I size a whole house RO for my house?   A:  Keep in mind that an RO system produces a certain amount of purified water within a 24 hour period, so it's important not to undersize the system. You should size your whole house RO by cutting it's rated gallon per day capacity in half for household production. For example, our RainDance-400 Whole House RO system can produce 400 gallons within 24 hours, or approximately 200 gallons every 12 hours, so this system should be considered when no more than 200 gallons is used in home per day.
Q: Do I need a UV disinfection system? A: UV (ultraviolet) systems can be used to maintain the disinfection of the treated water in the storage tank - this is a great add-on feature if you do not use your stored water on a regular basis or the water sits unused. A UV system easily installs after the storage tank and re-pressure pump to provide bacteria free water at every tap. Ultraviolet disinfection systems offer 99.99% destruction of bacteria, e-coli, coliform, viruses, & protozoan cysts (Giardia Lamblia, Cryptosporidium). Scroll down for UV options.

Q: Do reverse osmosis systems remove GenX, PFOA & PFOS Chemicals?
A: Reverse Osmosis & Nano Membrane Purification Systems have been found to be extremely effective in removing Gen X and PFAS such as PFOA & PFOS Chemicals.   

Read More Questions & Answers Here (10)

Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment System

RainDancePRO-125-10 Hard Water, Iron & Manganese RO Pretreatment System

Retail Price: $1,595.00

Special Price: $1,195.00
- Includes FREE Delivery Within The Continental US

Save More When You Package Your Whole House RO System With A Pretreatment System!

- Protect your Whole House Reverse Osmosis Investment! Removes hard water, rust & iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide gas before your RO system.
- Pretreatment Lockout: A pre-installed switch is included to automatically shut down and protect the RO system while the softener is regenerating, eliminating the fear of unfiltered hard water going into the RO system.
- Shipping: Filter Tank is delivered preloaded with filter media - Brine Tank is delivered preassembled.
- Specifications:
Filter Tank Size: 10"D x 63"H
Brine Tank Size: 18"D x 40"
Power: 110v 60hz
Plumbing Size: 1"
Includes Pretreatment Lock-Out Switch
EZ-Maintenance: Just add Water Softener Pellets
-Maximum Removal Capacities: 50gpg Water Hardness, 10ppm Iron, 1ppm Manganese, 1ppm Hydrogen Sulfide Gas
Online Package Price
When Purchased
With Any Whole
House RO Package!


Includes Free Delivery
Within The Continental US

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Reverse Osmosis Post UV Disinfection System

Viqua VH200 9-16gpm Whole House Ultraviolet Disinfection System - Bacteria Killer!

Special Price: $580.00 - Includes FREE Delivery Within The Continental US

- Ensure clean, sanitized water enters your home with a post UV disinfection system to destroy bacteria, viruses, and cysts.
- Simple, Easy To Install, Inexpensive, & Environmentally-Friendly Chemical-Free Bacteria & Virus Treatment
- Specifications:
Flow Rate (30mJ/cm2 Dose): 9 gpm
Flow Rate (40mJ/cm2 Dose): 7 gpm
Chamber Dimensions: 17.75" x 3.5"
Controller Dimensions: 7.25" x 3.5" x 2.5"
Power: 110v 60hz
Plumbing Size: 3/4” - 1” MNPT COMBO
- Removal Capacities: 99.99% Destruction of Bacteria, Viruses, and Protozoan Cysts, Coliform Bacteria, Leptospira Interrogans (Infectious Jaundice), Salmonella Typhosa (Typhoid Fever), Bacteriophage (E. coli), Hepatitus Virus, Chlorella Vulgaris, Influenza Virus, Legionella Pneumophila (Legionnaires' Disease)

Viqua VH200 UV System
Includes Free Delivery
Within The Continental US

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