The RainDance "Iron Max Plus" Catalog & Selection Guide 


Do You Have Iron Bacteria?
Does your well water leave red stains in the sinks and bathtubs? have unpleasant swampy tastes or oily smells? do you notice red, slimy growths in the toilet tank? If so, your well or water system may have iron bacteria.

Iron bacteria are small living organisms that naturally occur in soil, surface and groundwater. These nuisance bacteria combine iron or manganese with oxygen to form deposits of "rust," bacterial cells, and slimy materials that stick to well casings, pumps, pipes, plumbing fixtures, irrigation system and water appliances often damaging them.

Iron bacteria can be orange, brown, or red in color. Sometimes it floats in the water like orange algae and sometimes you may notice an orange slime that coats the inside the toilet tank that can be wiped off with a finger. You may also notice an oily sheen on the water surface. Iron bacteria often produce unpleasant tastes and odors commonly reported as: "swampy," "oily," "cucumber," "sewage," "rotten vegetation," or "musty." The taste or odor may be more noticeable if the water is stagnant for some time. Iron bacteria does not produce hydrogen sulfide, the "rotten egg" smell, but can create an environment where sulfur bacteria can grow and produce hydrogen sulfide.

The Iron Max Plus Series is our highest performance well water treatment system able to tackle some of well water's most difficult problems. This combination of systems can treat up to 50ppm ferrous iron (clear water iron), ferric iron (red/orange when drawn), iron bacteria, up to 15ppm manganese, up to 10ppm hydrogen sulfide gas odors, sulfur reducing bacteria, tannins, up to 10ppm and sediment down to 3-5 microns.

Please contact us for advice on how we can help solve your iron bacteria problem before it causes substantial damage to your plumbing, water appliances and irrigation equipment.

You can choose to buy a iron bacteria water filtration system "off the rack" and take your chances or you can let us recommend a system based upon your specific needs. If you already have a water report please email ATTN: Iron Bacteria Recommendation. Once we have reviewed your water report we will contact you with the best water treatment solution.

Find our complete selection of Iron Max Plus systems below for Whole House and Commercial applications.

Iron Max Plus-9
Flow Rate: 8gpm
Pipe Size: 3/4" or 1"
1-5 Person Household / 1-2 Bathrooms
Best For Approx. 1-500 GPD
Price: $1,795.00

         Iron Max Plus-10
Flow Rate: 10gpm
Pipe Size: 3/4" or 1"
1-8 Person Household / 1-3 Bathrooms
​Best For Approx. 1-1000 GPD
Price: $1,895.00

Iron Max Plus-125-12
Flow Rate: 18gpm
Pipe Size: 1" or 1.25"
1-10 Person Household /
1-4 Bathrooms / Light Commercial
Best For Approx. 1-1500 GPD
Price: $2,095.00

The Twin Alternating Iron Max Plus system is designed to provide a continuous, unlimited supply of filtered water with dual alternating filter tanks that stagger backwashing cycles so one tank is always ready to filter water no matter when you need it!

Twin Iron Max Plus-10
Flow Rate: 10gpm
Pipe Size: 3/4" or 1"
1-8 Person Household / 1-3 Bathrooms / Light Commercial
Continuous Iron & Sulfur Bacteria Filtration
Price: $2,595.00

The Iron Max Plus Inline Package is specially designed for well water users that have a shared well or are unable to use an electric chlorination pump and want the hassle-free installation of an inline system!

Iron Max Plus Inline Package
Flow Rate: 10gpm
Features: Non-electric chlorine feeder, contact tank, maintenance-free iron filter, post carbon polishing filter
1-8 Person Household / 1-3 Bathrooms / Light Commercial
Price: $2,395.00

The Iron Max Plus-FX series uses the same high performance filtration as our Iron Max Plus package treating iron bacteria, sulfur reducing bacteria, up to 30ppm ferrous & ferric iron, up to 5ppm manganese, up to 3ppm hydrogen sulfide gas odors, sediment down to 3-5 microns, and can also reduce the effects of hard water scale with the built-in salt-free hard water module!

Iron Max Plus-FX-10
Flow Rate: 10gpm
Pipe Size: 3/4" or 1"
1-5 Person Household / 1-2 Bathrooms / Light Commercial
​Best For Approx. 0-1000 GPD

*Exclusive RainDance H2O Store Product!

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