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Use This System To Filter High Iron & Neutralize Low Acidic pH Well Water

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RainDance Water Systems Product

HYBRID Iron Max-13 Whole House Iron, Manganese, Sediment, & Sulfur Odor Filtration System With Low pH Acidic Water Correction

# 1 Best Selling Single Tank Well Water Filter For High Iron & Low pH

Retail Price: $2,695.00

RainDance HYBRID Iron Max-13
Special Online Price: $2,295.00 
All-In-One - Space Saving Single Tank - No Chlorine To Add! Multi-Purpose Low Acidic Water pH Correction, Iron, Manganese & Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Odors Filtration Solutions!

Providing Well Water Iron Removal & Low pH Correction Since 1998!

- Perfect for both high iron and low acidic pH - Install at the home, farm or irrigation water - plumb 2 systems in parallel to accommodate larger flow rates up 30gpm! 

- The HYBRID Iron Max "Smart Series" Built to withstand seasonal well water conditions where low acidic pH & high iron spikes or sediment and cloudy water ends up fouling standard water filters.
- Shipping: HYBRID Iron Max Filter Tank is delivered preloaded with filter media for easy installation.
- Function: Space Saving Single Tank - Neutralizes and corrects low acidic pH well water and filters High Iron, Manganese, Sulfur Odor, and Sediment for Whole House, Irrigation, and Light Commercial Water Treatment
- Save Money: Most iron filters require a pH of 6.8 or greater to effectively remove iron from well water. The RainDance HYBRID Iron Max Single Tank Filter eliminates the need for a separate pH correction system.
- Sizing: Suitable for 1-8 People / 1-3 Bathrooms - Up To 15gpm Flow Rate
- Removal Capacities: Neutralizes acidic pH as low as 5.5, Filters Up To 12ppm High Iron (Ferrous & Ferric), 5pm Manganese, 3ppm Hydrogen Sulfide Gas, 3-5 Micron Sediment Filtration
- Certifications: Uses NSF Certified Valve & Tank
- Accessories: Includes Free Installation Kit, Before & After Iron and pH Test Kit, Preloaded Flash Drive With EZ-Instructions
- Support: When other companies close for the day, weekend and holidays, we are still open and available to answer your questions and offer tech support. Our Online Live Chat is available from 5am to 10pm PST, 365 days a year (holidays included) - Emails & Contact Forms are also answered 7 days a week 365 days a year (holidays included) or if you prefer to call (1-877-788-8387) our office hours are from 9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday.
- Testing: Includes Free Unlimited Water Testing For Optimum Performance
- Have you tested your water? Email your water analysis to support@raindancewatersystems.com and we would be happy to review your test results and recommend the best water treatment solutions to your water problem(s).
- Haven't tested your water yet? No problem! We offer FREE water testing. Click here to learn more.
- Company: For more than 20 years, RainDance Water Systems has been providing proven long term well water iron filtration equipment for residential homes, commercial business, farms and livestock.
- Hybrid Iron Max Discount/Rebates: Periodically we offer discounts & rebates for new and existing customers as well as special discounts for military, veterans, first-responders and teachers - If you would like to request our current discount please contact us via our Online Live Chat - Phone 1-877-788-8387 - Email: Sales@RainDanceWaterSystems.com or Contact Form - Contact us today as Well Water Filter Discounts change often and without notice.

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Product Specifications

System Function
Well Water Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas & Sediment
Filtration With Low pH Acidic Water Correction
Maximum Removal Capacities Ferrous (clear water iron) & Ferric (red water Iron) Up To 12ppm
Manganese Up To 5ppm
Hydrogen Sulide Gas Up To 3ppm
Sediment, Sand, Turbidity Down To 3-5 Microns

 Tank 13" dia. x 63" ht. Operating Parameters pH must be 5.5 or greater
No Iron Bacteria, No Sulfur Bacteria*
No Tannins*
*If these contaminants are present the use of an oxidizer is needed. Oxidizers will enhance the performance of the Iron Max.
Maximum Flow Rate 12 gpm / 15 gpm Peak
Control Valve
Automatic Backwashing

Backwash Flow Rate
10 gpm
 Simply add more pH correction media approximately once a year for optimum filtration & neutralizing performance

110v 60hz Bypass Valve Yes, Included

System Weight
195 lbs pH & Iron Test Kit Yes, Included

Plumbing Size
3/4", 1" or 1.25" Installation Instructions Yes, Included
Minimum/Maximum Pressure
30/100 psi
Tech Support
Yes, Included

Essential Product Information
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Media Tank - 5 Year Warranty on Digital Valve 
Free Transferable Warranty
Click Here To Read More
Assembly: System ships with tanks and media pre-assembled - simply attach control valve onto tank when you're ready to install!
Additional plumbing materials such as pipe and fittings are not included. These materials are readily available at any hardware or home improvement retail store.
Installation: Detailed Plumbing Instructions, Owner's Manual, Diagrams, Easy Step-by-Step Pictured Programming Instructions
Included on Preloaded Flash Drive

We know the importance of your new water treatment system. That's why we offer you access to our support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Contact RainDance Water Systems to learn more about our 24/7/365 services.

FREE Product Accessories Included
FREE Exclusive Offer Only From RainDance Water Systems
We Are Now Including The Same Kit We Provide Our Dealers

The RainDance HYBRID Iron Max-13 DIY Installation/Service Kit
Includes 24/7 365 Day Automatic Water Leakage Detector
Be prepared like a RainDance dealer with the on-site HYBRID Iron Max-13 Dealer Kit - perfect for the DIYer or hand it over to your plumber and save a little more on common installation supplies. Dealer Kits include before & after water test bibs & on the spot well water & iron test kit, teflon tape, o-ring lube, and more. As always, our Preloaded RainDance USB Flash Drive contains all the installation instructions, diagrams, and manuals you or your installer needs for ease of installation and maintenance.
  Iron Max Installation Tubing - Includes *20ft Polyethylene Drain Line Tubing  -  *Mister Drain Air Gap (prevents back flow in standpipe drain sources). *May not be suitable for every application. Ask us if it's right for you!
  Includes easy loading special dome hole funnel for hassle-free maintenance! Simply add more pH correction media approximately once a year for optimum filtration & neutralizing performance.

Product Questions & Answers

Have a well water iron & acidic water question that hasn't been answered? Live chat with a RainDance specialist for a quick answer!

Q: How is the HYBRID Iron Max different from a standard iron filter?
A: The RainDance HYBRID Iron Max is specifically engineered for well water applications and contains specialty filter media engineered to raise and neutralize low acidic pH and trap iron, manganese, sediment, and hydrogen sulfide gas odors when water passes through. Standard water filters cannot handle the "BIG 5" which are low pH, high iron, manganese, sediment and hydrogen sulfide gas odors.   

Q: How long have you been selling the HYBRID Iron Max?
A: The HYBRID Iron Max has been available since 1999!

Q: Where can I buy the HYBRID Iron Max?
A: The HYBRID Iron Max is purchased directly from RainDance Water Systems - we do not sell our products on Amazon or EBay

Q: My pH is lower than 6.0 can this system neutralize my low acidic pH well water?
A: Yes, The HYBRID Iron Max can neutralize acidic well water as low as 5.5

Q: How much will it reduce iron and manganese?
A: The HYBRID Iron Max can effectively filter up to 12ppm of ferrous and ferric iron and up to 5ppm manganese and reduce the levels to below the EPA Secondary maximum limit (0.3ppm for iron and 0.05ppm for manganese). In most cases they are filtered down to trace or non-detectable levels.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required for this system?
A: The HYBRID Iron Max-13 is considered a low-maintenance system because it does not require any routine filter changes, simply add more pH correction media approximately every 12 to 24 months for optimum filtration & neutralizing performance.

Q: Will this system discharge any harmful chemicals in my septic system?
A: This system does not use any chemicals like potassium permangenate or chlorine for regenerating so this system is safe to use with septic systems. In most cases the drain water can actually be reused in other areas like irrigation.

Q: What does backwash flow rate mean?
A: The backwash flow rate is the flow rate required for effective backwashing of the system. Your well system will need to provide this flow rate for the duration of the backwash.

Q: How long does the filter last?
A: The entire system does not need to be replaced, just the filter media. The iron filter media is designed to last up to 8-10 years depending on water chemistry and usage. When the media is spent you can simply remove the old media and load new media into your system for continued years of service. The pH correction will slowly dissolve over time and should be replaced approximately once a year or more depending on water usage. Adding more pH correction media is easily done by using the special funnel and dome hole on the tank. 

Q: Do I need a plumber to install?
 A: If you are handy and have basic plumbing skills you should have no problem with this installation. The Iron Max only requires 3 simple connections - inlet, outlet, and drain line. We provide detailed installation instructions, pictures, and offer several means of tech support for you or your installer if needed.

Q: How do I know my filter is working?
A: There are (2) test bibs and a well water iron & pH test kit included with the HYBRID Iron Max. These bibs are easily installed before and after the HYBRID Iron Max-13 for on-site testing. We also offer lifetime testing for as long as you own the system.

Q: Is the Iron Max a whole house iron filter?
A: The HYBRID Iron Max can be used as a whole house well water filter, irrigation & lawn water filtration, commercial business, restaurant, agriculture, farm and livestock water treatment. This system can be used virtually anywhere where iron filtration is needed.